Investing in Gold

If you would like to purchase gold we can supply it in various forms.

The easiest method when purchasing small amounts of gold, is in one ounce bars.

These bars are a great way to own fine gold, as each ingot is approximately 30mm long by 20mm wide and 5mm thick. They are stamped .999 fine gold, and can be sold at any time at the current gold buy price to realize funds. This means they are very liquid.

At the moment, a one ounce ingot will cost about $1,500+/-, depending on the daily gold price. However, at the present time, gold appears to be moving steadily on an upward price trend.

So the ‘Pundits’ all say, “now is the time to buy”.

We also have various coins for sale, from Gold Sovereigns to Krugerrands.

These are constantly changing in price, and availability, so you need to be aware of what is happening on a daily basis.

If you intend purchasing fine gold bars, you need advise us the amount you wish to purchase.

We will then advise a price. To ‘lock in’ that price, payment must be made and verified within an hour, as this is the only way we can guarantee the price as quoted.

Depending on the amount of gold purchased, we may take several hours to deliver large quantities, we will keep you informed about this, but the price will not change.

Small amounts may be able to be delivered at the time of payment.




Due to the daily fluctuations, we will only give a price for items on sale, when contacted.


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1901 Full Sovereign

Obverse Queen Vic. Perth Mint Good Condition

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1913 Full Soveriegn

Full Sovereign dated 1913.

Obverse George V. English Mint. Good Condition

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Large Natural Gold Nugget

Approx 28 x 21 Weighs 9.8gms.

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One Ounce Fine Gold Ingot

One Ounce, Fine Gold, Ingot. Best Price

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1880 Full soveriegn

Full Soveriegn. Dated 1880. Obverse Young Victoria Head. English mint.

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