Selling deceased estate gold jewellery

deceased estate gold jewelleryWhen a loved one passes away, the last thing you want to think about is what to do with their belongings. However, sooner or later the time will come when you have to sit down, go through their estate, and decide what is going to happen to not just the house and the furniture, but also to heirloom and precious items such as valuables and jewellery.

Especially when it comes to gold the bereaved often wonder what to do. Grandpa’s coins from the war? Grandma’s golden wedding ring? Uncle’s shiny watch that he carried around everywhere with him? Those things certainly have a high sentimental value, but if they’re lying around shut away in a dark box they don’t serve anyone any good.

In moments like that the decision to sell might seem harsh, but often turns out to be in everyone’s best interest. After all, you can’t split a piece of jewellery in half or divide it into 4 equal pieces so that everyone gets a fair share. You can, however, turn those precious treasures into cash and by doing so avoid fighting over who gets what.

Auction vs Gold Trader

One way of turning the estate into hard cash is selling everything off at an auction. However, this process is often time consuming and might not bring the desired results. And what would be worse than feeling cheated on a deal that you might have felt uneasy about in the first place.

Auction houses often claim they get the best deals in town. However, upon closer look, the person wanting to sell often ends up with less than they expected. Auctions typically start at the gold value of each item, and most buyers are not willing to pay a cent more than that. Then if it does sell you have to pay a commission to the Auction House which gives your final cash in the hand even less than gold value. Worst case scenario? There are no bids at all. You have wasted your time and energy and are still no closer to your goal.

With gold traders the power is in your hands. You decide what you want to sell and before you do so, you will get a quote telling you exactly what to expect. If you’re not happy you simply decline the deal and go shop somewhere else.

Here at The Goldman we know that our gold prices are very compatible. You can also rest assured that once your gold items have been assessed by us we will process your payments immediately. We want you and your family to be able to focus on the more important things in life and remember the deceased in all their beauty.

Quick and easy

The process of getting your estate gold jewellery assessed is easy and straightforward. If your jewellery contains gold, The Goldman is happy to assess your items for you based on the content of gold (purity), the weight and the daily price of gold on the international market. We give you a quote which you can accept or decline. Simply get in touch with us and we can help you decide what the best option for you might be. No hassle. No hidden fees. No nasty surprises.

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