Our role as New Zealand Gold Merchants

Gold Merchant

Gold is always wanted and therefore is an asset. That’s where we as a New Zealand Gold Merchant comes in handy. We can show you how to use your assets wisely and turn it into something a more valuable.

Selling unwanted Christmas gold jewellery gifts

Christmas gold jewellery

Most of us have been there. The Merry Season is a time for gifting, but sometimes what you find under …

Selling deceased estate gold jewellery

deceased estate jewellery

Getting your estate gold jewellery assessed is easy and straightforward. No hidden fees. No nasty surprises. We are happy to assess your items for you

What to do with handed down jewellery

Gold Jewelley

What should you do with your handed down jewellery? Before you decide which path, you want to pursue, here are a few thoughts to consider.

What is Scrap Gold?

scrap gold

When was the last time you looked in your jewellery box to see what lay inside? While you are sure …

What types of gold are there?

different types of gold

As you become more interested in the more delicate things in life, it’s helpful to become informed of what’s on offer in the way of gold varieties.