Frequently Asked Questions


pile of scrap gold for sale to gold buyerDoes it cost me any money to send my jewellery to The GOLD MAN at Cash for Gold Ltd?

Absolutely nothing, we will send you prepaid, pre-addressed and insured courier pack to send us your items in it.

What if my jewellery got lost in the mail?

Our mail pack has a tracking number so you can track your pack any time and they are insured for the value of up to $1500.00 by Courier post.

What if I want to insure my items for more than $1500.00?

You can do this at any NZ Post Office for a small fee before sending your items.

Can I send my items myself or not?

Yes if you prefer to do that, but then you will pay for the postage and the insurance yourself.

Should I clean my jewellery or take out any stones before I send them?

No you do not have to, just send them as they are or you can do that if you prefer to.

Can I get a quote from you for my items before I send them?

Yes, you can get an idea what we will pay by using our gold calculator on the Home page. You will have to have fairly accurate gram scales and an idea what carat the gold is that you are selling.

As the price of gold changes every day worldwide, we endeavour to keep the calculator updated daily for your confidence.

Can I get a quote before you process my payments?

Yes, just tick on the request box ‘Please email me your offer’ when you fill in the form and we will do that immediately we receive your gold. Then you can decide if you want us to process your payment or send back your items.

How do you determine the value of my jewellery?

The Gold value is solely based on the carat and the weight of your jewellery regardless of any stones or gems big or small except for diamonds this can add more value to the price depending on size and clarity.

How soon can you pay me?

Within 24 hours from receiving your items and or accepting our offer.

Can I send my items to your Business from anywhere in New Zealand?

Yes, our prepaid mail pack covers NZ wide, so you can send your jewellery from anywhere.