Selling unwanted Christmas gold jewellery gifts

Christmas gold jewelleryMost of us have been there. The Merry Season is a time for gifting, but sometimes what you find under the Christmas tree is not really what you were hoping for. Whether it’s another pair of socks, a book you already have or something more valuable, like a golden bracelet, necklace or a pair of shiny earrings. You just have no need for it.

Sure, especially the shiny bits are a gift that came from the heart, undoubtedly cost a small fortune, but you just don’t need any more jewellery, or you simply don’t like to wear gold, or you already have a similar piece in your collection and don’t quite know what to do with a duplicate.

Don’t let your jewellery go to waste

First thing you can do is appreciate the gesture, then take a deep breath, and think about whether you really want this piece of jewellery to go dusty in the bottom of your drawer – or if you’d rather turn it into something more useful. Gold jewellery is always in demand at The Goldman, and we pay very generously for it.

Wouldn’t you rather have some extra cash to go on a well-deserved holiday? Or treat yourself to a luxury item you have been dreaming about for a long time? It doesn’t mean that you don’t respect whoever gave you the unwanted gift. You are probably showing them more respect by utilizing what they gave you rather than shoving it into a corner where it’s never again to be seen.

Turn unwanted gifts into something special

So, what’s the alternative? You might have considered gifting it on or putting it with all your other jewellery, fully knowing that you will never ever in a lifetime wear it. Why not turn your gold to cash instead? Selling your unwanted Christmas gold jewellery to a reputable trader is becoming more and more popular.

Not only will you get paid for letting go of something that has little value to you. You will also make someone else extremely happy, as your gold can be melted down and turned into a new piece of jewellery especially designed for someone who knows what they want.

It doesn’t even matter if whatever gold item you have is flash or fancy or fashionable. It’s not so much the sentimental value that pays big money, but the purity of the gold and the weight of it. But you won’t know what you’re holding in your hands, and which one of your dreams you could potentially fulfil, until you get the items properly examined and have received your quote.

It’s easier than you think

The process is easy and straightforward. If your jewellery contains gold, The Goldman is happy to assess your items for you based on the content of gold (purity), the weight and the daily price of gold on the international gold market. We give you a quote which you can accept or decline. Simply get in touch with us and we can help you decide what the best option for you might be.
And then it’s up to you to make the choice. Would you rather feel guilty for shoving that golden watch into the back of your cupboard and let it catch dust? Or would you rather feel grateful for what you have received and treasure what it has done for you?

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